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Scallywags was designed and created 6 years ago in the Medway town of Rainham to provide safe, outstanding care with a keen focus on a ‘home from home’ experience for its children & families. Scallywags proved to be extremely popular and in that time the setting has continued to grow and develop since opening. We may look a lot different to other settings you have viewed, and here is why!

Our home from home natural environment was developed to promote, support and encourage communication, engagement and well-being. Too many brightly coloured objects can be visually overwhelming in a setting, even the staff uniform colours were designed with a scheme recognised to create a calm and relaxed feelings. Planning of the rooms were highly influenced by Elizabeth Jarman & The Curiosity Approach with self-selection areas laid out in each room, drawing children to areas of interest to play or relax.

Natural daylight has a calming effect that contributes and promotes health and well-being, this is why the nursery has so many windows allowing natural light to flood the building. This means that throughout most of the day we don’t need to have the lights on, and when we do, we have lampshades as opposed to industrial strip lighting.

The transition for children into a new environment can be exciting, but also worrying. Recent studies at Bath University and from other educational research facilities and experts, shows that environment and the way transition is handled can have an impact on how the child then settles, plays and learns. Neutral environments, particularly ones that resemble elements of their home, help the children to feel safe, and then have the confidence to take advantage of the play and learning opportunities on offer. 

  • Create an excellent environment – a ‘home from home’.
  • Make the children happy.
  • Communicate well with parents/carers.
  • Look after our staff.
  • Outstanding practice in all areas
  • Encourage our children to learn and explore.
  • Listen to your views and the needs of your child.
  • Work with our families for the benefit of the children.
  • Where we have concerns regarding a child, we would speak to our parents first, however if we feel the child’s safety is at risk, we would seek advice from Medway Council’s First Response Service
  • Have excellent safeguarding policies and procedures to ensure that our children can flourish and learn in a safe and happy environment

Spaces available this September 

Scallywags Nursery are pleased to announce that we received ‘Outstanding’ on our latest Ofsted report 


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